Jonathan Summers - baritone
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below are excepts from the original interview which Jonathan gave before a performance of Wozzeck in November 2000

click on the questions to hear Jonathan's answers

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Complete Transcript of Interview Here

You began singing in your late teens. Did you come from a musical family? 285 kb

Between the ages of 26 and 28 you won a bit of a goldmine in competitions. Had you been in comps before? 388 kb

'Rigoletto' at 29...what was that like? 361 kb

You joined Covent Garden at age 30. Was that a direct result of 'Rigoletto' and 'Macbeth'? 277 kb

You joined Covent Garden for an initial 3 year contract...what were those years like? 395 kb

You've worked with some of the great there a common thread or quality linking them all? 385 kb

Thoughts on 'Wozzeck'...are there any parallels with other roles?

What was the experience of performing the role for the first time? 307 kb